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McKinney Texas' culture and recreation scene is as unique as the rest of the community. They offer a rich combination of family-fun events, a vibrant arts scene, parks and open spaces, and a historic past living seamlessly within a vibrant future. City events and programs present a broad spectrum of cultural and recreational opportunities that enrich the quality of life for residents and visitors.

McKinney Texas History

McKinney has a unique, rich and diverse spirit in part because of the history that shaped it. Over the years, the city leadership's vision in preserving its history has intentionally crafted a town that offers the best of the old with a vibrant present and a very promising future.

McKinney's history includes many stories about the people who lived here, the work they did and the places they called home. This page offers a short overview of its beginnings, and will be expanded over time. There are many additional resources available through the McKinney Public Library, and our resource list offers some suggestions. We encourage you to research and learn more about the history that makes McKinney truly unique by nature.