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Ernesto’s – Ellicott City

ernestos_ellicottcityIf you are thinking of visiting Historic Ellicott City – be it for fine dining, coffee shops, the town’s history or large selection of antique shops, or quaint places to stay like The Wayside Inn Bed & Breakfast – then be sure to include Ernesto’s Fine Mexican Food in your itinerary! For more information on booking functions in Ellicott City or Howard County, including visitor/relocation packs, please contact Howard County Tourism.

Ellicott City Maryland History

Joseph, Andrew and John Ellicott were Quakers who had grown up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the sons of Andrew Ellicott, an Englishman who came to the Pennsylvania colony in 1730. Andrew married, had five sons, and died young, leaving his widow to raise the young family. As the boys grew they were apprenticed to learn the trades that led to their later success in Maryland.

Lush vegetation and the swiftly flowing Patapsco River must have captivated the three Ellicott brothers when they searched for land in the late 1760’s. The brothers had searched throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania for a site where they could grow wheat and harness water power for a mill. In 1771 the Ellicott brothers purchased many acres east of the river in the valley known as the “Hollow.” Although the valley was uninhabitable, they were not alone; other settlers lived along the bluffs overlooking the river.

Some of the tracts of land the Ellicotts bought later spanned both sides of the Patapsco; the west bank was part of Anne Arundel County (now Howard County), and the east bank was in Baltimore County.